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Battle Simulator Released!

date match mondial The Battle Simulator is now available to play!

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Train your Combat Skills — Defend Entropia Universe!

date match monaco juventus The Entropia Universe Battle Simulator is a time-trial assault course. Exterminate all robot enemies and finish as fast as you can! 

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Equal Playing Field

date match monaco psg Battle Simulator runs are performed using a premade avatar with standardized skills, weapons and armor. Ammo consumption and deterioration are disabled. Additionally, all buffs are paused while inside the Battle Simulator instance.

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How to Get Started

date match monaco arsenal The Battle Simulator can be accessed anywhere in Entropia Universe:

  1. Click the ‘Event List’ action from the Action Library. 
  2. Select ‘Global Instances’ from the Event Areas listing on the left side.
  3. Double-click ‘Battle Simulator’ in the central window, then click the ‘Register’ button and ‘Confirm’ to authorize the entrance fee.
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Win Prizes!

date match mayweather pacquiao date matchmaking Loot Crate for Completion

date match mondial 2014 Completing the Battle Simulator course gives access to a special loot crate. Unclaimed loot from other participants’ uncompleted runs may also increase the total value of the loot crate. 

date match mayweather vs pacquiao Completion times will be entered into the Battle Simulator weekly leaderboard, where participants compete for additional rewards (see the “Leaderboard” section below).

date match nantes Be on the lookout for the occasional message at the start of each run announcing extra bonus loot for completing the instance! 

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date match nadal djokovic date match nantes psg Viewing the Leaderboard

match date nights manchester You can view the current leaderboard by pressing the ‘Scores’ button opposite the ‘Register’ button in the Event List interface (see above). 

date match nba date match nice Checking Times on the Leaderboard

match date nights Only each participant’s best time is recorded on the leaderboard. To view a participant’s time, hover over the participant’s name or picture in the leaderboard.

date match xv de france date match xv de france 2014 Prize Pool

date match quart de finale france A portion of each Battle Simulator entry fee is added to the leaderboard prize pool; the current value of the prize pool can be viewed on the leaderboard display. Prizes are distributed using a dynamic payout structure: the more runs attempted, the more positions that will receive a prize and the larger the prize values. At the end of the week (midnight on Sundays, UTC) leaderboard prizes are delivered to the planet storage of each winner’s current avatar location, along with a confirmation message sent via the Message Center.

date match quart de final ligue des champion A symbol directly under a participant’s ranking number indicates that the participant will receive a prize for their current leaderboard position. Hover over the symbol to see the current prize value. 

date match quart de finale ligue des champions 2015 ‘Time until reward’ indicates the time remaining until leaderboard prizes are awarded. Note that the Battle Simulator will close one hour before this time. Participants currently in the Battle Simulator after closing will be permitted to finish their run.

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  • Planet Partner revenue sharing is determined by the location of a participant’s avatar when entering the Battle Simulator instance.
  • In cases where a Battle Simulator run is interrupted due to a technical issue or server disruption, the entrance fee will be refunded automatically.

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